10 best poker blogs: Poker Pros

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Which poker pro is your favorite? Phil Ivey or Chris “Jesus” Ferguson? They are both TOP level pros and definitely have something to say about their travels, tournaments they play in, their videos and lots of other interesting stuff a poker pro does every day. And although they both have their official blogs, they do not blog regularly. Actually only a few of the top level poker players update their blogs often and write about the things that are interesting to their fans.

We have already presented the TOP 10 General Poker Blogs and Top 10 Poker brand blogs. Now it is time to check which poker pros write their own blogs and which ones are actually good at it.

1. The Daniel Negreanu Blog is called “Daniel – Poker Journal” and is a part of Daniel’s community website “Full Contact Poker”. Everyone knows that Daniel always has something interesting to say about his play and likes to share his poker experience. His main blog topics are playing in big Las Vegas and international tournaments, his relationships with the other pro players and the online tournament experience.

Authors: Daniel Negreanu
Start date (the date of the first post, if available): October 27th, 2004 – 5 years ago
Frequency: 1 or more posts per week

2. Phil Hellmuth's Blog is another active blog written by one of the most controversial poker players of our time. Phil shares not only his poker experience, but his personal life issues as well. Of course, he presents himself as a huge poker star and the representative for the UltimateBet poker room. His blog is integrated into Phil's personal website – philhellmuth.com.

Authors: Phil Hellmuth Jr.
Start date: January 27th, 2006 –  almost 4 years ago
Frequency: 1 or more posts per week

3. The Annie Duke Blog is a place where the most famous female poker player shares her life experience. Poker seems to be only some minor topic in her blog, as most of the time she writes about her family adventures. Of course, her philanthropic activities get some attention too. Annie's blog is a part of her personal website annieduke.com

Authors: Annie Duke.
Start date: December 18th, 2003 –  almost 6 years ago
Frequency: 1 - few posts per week

4. The Eric “Rizen” Lynch Blog is another interesting blog by a poker pro who likes to share his poker experience. The blog is not updated very frequently, so the readers usually have to wait almost a month for a new post. Anyway, it is worth the wait. “Rizen” writes some very interesting stories in the “Ask Rizen” column. The other posts are usually about the business he is involved in. The blog is a part of his personal website rizenpoker.com

Authors: Eric Lynch.
Start date: December 5th, 2005 – almost 4 years ago
Frequency: 1 or more posts per month

5. The Lou Krieger Blog, called “Keep Flopping Aces” covers the job-related issues of the famous poker pro and writer Lou Krieger. As Lou is working in the poker media industry he meets a lot of poker pros and these meetings seem to be really interesting. He also observes the gambling market from the inside (as he works for a poker newspaper). Poker business issues is another important Lou's topic. The blog is being run independently on the Blogger.com platform with the minimum design and features.

Authors: Lou Krieger.
Start date: April 13th, 2005 – 4 years ago
Frequency: 1 or more posts per week

6. The Tony G Blog is a diary of Tony Guoga, the Australian/Lithuanian poker player. He writes about his travels and the tournaments he plays in (mostly about how he got busted). There are also some video blogs. The blog is a part of the Tonygpoker.com website – an online poker room owned by Tony himself.

Authors: Antanas Guoga (Tony G).
Start date: November 18th, 2004 – 5 years ago
Frequency: 1 or more posts per month

7. The Shannon Shorr Blog is written by the US poker pro Shannon Shorr. He writes more about his personal life rather than poker. Shannon is also a writer at Cardplayer.com.

Authors: Shannon Shorr.
Start date: May 30th, 2006 – 3 years ago
Frequency: 1 or more posts per month

8. The Doyle Brunson Blog is a part of his general business blog, therefore its called “Doylism of a Day”. It is written by the legendary Doyle “Texas Dolly” Brunson (or his assistants). In this blog Doyle simply shares his poker wisdom.

Authors: Doyle Brunson.
Start date: November 12th, 2007 – 2 years ago
Frequency: 1 or more posts per month

9. The Liz Lieu Blog is written by the lovely Liz Lieu (called “Diary of Poker Diva”) who travels around the world playing poker tournaments, advertising her business, making sexy photo sessions and sometimes doing some charity for the poor Asian countries. Poker 2.0 recommends Liz's picture section.

Authors: Liz Lieu.
Start date: February 2nd, 2006 – almost 4 years ago
Frequency: 1 or more posts per month

10. The Paul Wasicka Blog is a nice-designed blog with some interesting poker and tournament play observations from the poker pro Paul Wasicka. It is called “Kwicky’s Journal” and is integrated into Paul’s official website kwickfish.com.

Authors: Paul Wasicka.
Start date: June 6th, 2005 – 4 years ago
Frequency: 1 or more posts per month

So here's the TOP 10 of the best blogs written by the top level poker pros. It was a very difficult task to collect the quality poker pro blogs as a lot of them have only the “Hello world!” message posted 2 years ago and some have simply neglected their blogs. Some pros like Cindy Violette have even closed them.

We are sure there are pro blogs which are not so popular and not followed by the mainstream poker media like Phil Ivey or Howard Lederer, so please let us know.