10 best poker blogs: General

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Poker BlogThere are thousands various poker blog on the internet. Most of them are plane garbage created just for link building or affiliate marketing. SEO rules the poker World; therefore lots of blogs are created just for the sake of keywords and not for some meaningful content or discussion of poker industry issues. Poker 2.0 Blog would like to introduce some short reviews of quality poker blogs. All of them can be followed by using any RSS reader. Some of them have Twitter accounts and even Facebook fan pages.

Here are a few groups of poker blogs in the market:

  • General poker blogs – the blogs written by online poker players, businessmen and professional writers. They usually prefer to stay anonymous or just refuse to tell their real names. Well, a nickname is quite enough these days, so there is no need to elucidate their real personalities. These blogs cover everything that is happening in the poker world + the writer's personal life.
  • Brand poker blogs – usually official or non-official blogs of the online poker rooms which mainly focus on the poker room's features, promotion deals and the achievements of the supported poker pros. Fulltilt and PokerStars have tons of pros, therefore there is always something to write about.
  • Poker Pro Blogs – the blogs written by the poker pros (this might be done by the pros themselves, their agents or by some Public Relations agency). The blogs are mostly about their personal life, poker tournaments, online play and some business they are involved.
  • Specific poker blogs – the blogs dedicated to some niche topics, just like Poker 2.0. They analyze only the narrow poker topics. I bet you wouldn't approve if the Poker 2.0 Blog would involve some ‘played-with-my-cat’ or ‘saw-through-the-window’ stories or my holiday photos

Here are TOP 10 poker blogs owned not by the poker rooms or some well known poker pros, but by the simple online poker players and writers. The numbers from 1 to 10 do not indicate their ranking or evaluation. This is based only on the authors personal opinion and his recommendations to the beginning poker readers. 

1. Tao of Poker is a very popular blog written by professional poker blogger and writer Paul ‘Dr. Pauly’ McGuire who resides in the US. Being a professional he also writes about poker business, his relationships with the other poker players and his personal life. He also contributes to some other blogs.
Author: Paul ‘Dr. Pauly’ McGuire
Start date (the date of the first post, if available): May 25th, 2002 – 7 years old
Frequency: 1 post per day

2. Guinness & Poker Blog is one of the most popular personal poker blogs in the entire market. It is written by a blogger called Iggy. The blog is sponsored by PartyPoker, therefore it holds the PartyPoker Blog title as well. It looks like Iggy is an American so he cannot play PartyPoker himself. Iggy is an online poker player but he also writes about poker business and live tournament issues.
Author: Iggy
Start date: 28th September 2003 – 6 years old
Frequency: 1 post per week

3. LasVegasVegas poker blog is one of the main sources of information about the life in the capital of gambling – Las Vegas. Its main interests are big Vegas tournaments, celebrities and shows. It also writes about poker business and a little bit about online poker. Poker Prof’s blog is only one of 5 covering the life in Las Vegas.
Author: Poker Prof, photos by Flipchip
Start date: April 15th, 2004 – 5 years old
Frequency: few times per week (irregular)

4. WickedChopsPoker is a unique blog full of nice semi-nude girl pictures and poker pro stories. A lot of attention is paid to cool videos and interviews with the poker players (mostly from RawVegas.tv). It also has a Russian version (mainly translations).
Author: hired authors
Start date: March 29th, 2005 – 4 years old
Frequency: few posts a day

5. Pokerati is a nice and interesting blog, which focuses on poker business, live and online tournaments and on the poker players. Of course, a lot of attention is paid to the legal aspects of poker in the US. It holds partnership with other bloggers that produce high quality poker content and provides poker related Podcasts.
Author: hired authors, blog creator Dan Michalski
Start date: March 23, 2004 – 5 years old
Frequency: few posts a day

6. PokerListings Blog is a collection of poker news and views put in a blog format by one of the leading online poker information providers. Some blogs are rather promotional, however they are interesting.
Author: hired authors
Start date: June 3rd, 2005 – 4 years old
Frequency: few posts daily

7. Billrini Blog is a nice poker blog covering the poker life and the poker business. It also analyzes some poker ads and politics. The blog is owned by a person, who was involved in creating the Full Tilt poker software and has been working as a PartyPoker room manager, therefore is familiar with the online poker room ‘cuisine’. He also runs some other poker blogs including a unique Poker Jobs site PokerJobsSearch.com.
Author: Bill Rini
Start date: September 18th, 2003 – 6 years old
Frequency: few posts a week

8. Nat Arem Blog – a unique poker blog owned by a person who was working with some very interesting poker projects and was involved in the Absolute poker scandal investigation. It is more of a personal blog providing some views about the poker business alongside with the pictures from the author's personal life and posts about his travels.
Author: Nat Arem
Start date: December 31st , 2005 – almost 4 years old
Frequency: few posts a week

9.  2+2 Blogs is a group of blogs by some well known live and online poker players and writers. These blogs are not connected with each other, so they should be perceived more like separate units. The authors write mainly about poker and poker strategy, sometimes providing some personal life issues. The blogs are rather new, but the authority of the creators of 2+2, Mat and David Sklansky guarantee the quality of the content.
Author: Mat Sklansky, David Sklansky, Ray Zee and 5 others
Start date: July 26th , 2008 – 1 year old
Frequency: few posts a month (irregular)

10. AimlesslyChasingAmy is a one man blog about poker. The author is quite a famous poker writer Amy Calistri. Interesting is that this blog had started under the hosting of http://aimlesslyca.blogspot.com, continued at PokerWorks and had later on traveled to the present location. Amy writes about the poker pros and live tournaments as well as poker books.
Author: Amy Calistri
Start date: July 1st, 2006 – 3 years old
Frequency: few posts a month (irregular)

There are many more general poker blogs writing about life, poker, and the poker industry. These people usually do this just for fun, completely on their own for as long as 5 years and have their loyal readers. Being in the poker market for 5 years is a sign of strength, as the competition is huge, the audience is very demanding and the business conditions are harsh. 5 years in the market witness that the readers are willing to spend their spare time reading these blogs. If people have been reading them for 5 years, the beginning poker players should at least subscribe to their RSS feed.

Note: Poker 2.0 is not associated with any of the mentioned blogs by business or personal relationship