Your favorite poker blogs' headline widget

Let people know what poker blogs you read every day by creating your own widget. It also allows you to collect all of your own poker blog headlines if you use several blogging platforms. This is a simple trick for those who write a few poker blogs at a time and would like to add a simple widget to their sites with the latest headlines. The widget can be created by using Google Reader service.

Such a widget can be added to Blogspot or any other blogging service which allows custom HTML/script codes. Some of Wordpress-based blog services do not support it, so you may not be able to add the widget. The Wordpress.com platform is one of them.

There are two kinds of widgets:

  1. Displaying all posts from all of the blogs that one has subscribed to in a set category (you can add even 1 blog subscription per category if you want). For example, I have subscribed to PokerStars Blog, Tao of Poker and all the my.PokerNews.com blogs. I set a category (it is called a label or a folder in Google Reader) and called it “Best Poker Blogs”. The widget will display posts from these 3 blogs.
  2. Displaying only selected posts from subscribed blogs. The widget displays only the posts that one wants to share by marking them at the bottom of each post.

Poker Odds Calculator desktop application - One of the kind

There are many poker odds calculators that help counting the odds. Their main problem is that they are created for either Windows or Macintosh operating systems. Using Adobe Air technology the same Flash, HTML, JAVAscript based application can be used in all 3 most popular OS: Windows, Mac and Linux. I was searching for such a one, but could not find it. Google gave me just the downloadable versions for Mac and Windows separately.

Useful poker tools. Part II: Social bookmarking

Couple of weeks ago I have started writing a blog about useful poker related widgets to be used by every poker blogger. Useful poker tools. Part I: News widgets described a few news widgets that bring some quality content to one's blog.

One of the main concerns of every blogger is how to make the blog popular and have a lot of readers. Lots of marketing strategies may be applied, but one of the best ways is for your articles to be recommended by the readers themselves. As a Poker blogger I can assure you that the organic traffic is the most valuable one. When you try promoting your blog, people perceive it as spam. When readers promote your blog - it gives the sense of trust. How do you achieve that?

Useful poker tools. Part I: News widgets

Today everyone can have their own poker site easily and free. All you need to do is launch a blog in any of the free services and write write write everything you think will be readable by your friends. However, only writing is not enough. Every poker blogger should include some of most useful poker widgets to their blogs just to make the blog more interactive. Widget is a small application which shows the information from the third party websites. Information is broadcasted in XML format, but you do not need to know much HTML in order to embed it to your website. There are lots of Poker widgets for the websites (other kinds of widgets are downloadable and used for desktop). Usually widgets provide the news headlines. I will try to cover a few of them.

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