Your favorite poker blogs' headline widget

Let people know what poker blogs you read every day by creating your own widget. It also allows you to collect all of your own poker blog headlines if you use several blogging platforms. This is a simple trick for those who write a few poker blogs at a time and would like to add a simple widget to their sites with the latest headlines. The widget can be created by using Google Reader service.

Such a widget can be added to Blogspot or any other blogging service which allows custom HTML/script codes. Some of Wordpress-based blog services do not support it, so you may not be able to add the widget. The Wordpress.com platform is one of them.

There are two kinds of widgets:

  1. Displaying all posts from all of the blogs that one has subscribed to in a set category (you can add even 1 blog subscription per category if you want). For example, I have subscribed to PokerStars Blog, Tao of Poker and all the my.PokerNews.com blogs. I set a category (it is called a label or a folder in Google Reader) and called it “Best Poker Blogs”. The widget will display posts from these 3 blogs.
  2. Displaying only selected posts from subscribed blogs. The widget displays only the posts that one wants to share by marking them at the bottom of each post.

Creating poker social network is easy with Ning

This article is dedicated to webmasters who run or would like to run a poker site with no big investments. Usually creating a good website costs a lot of effort, time, energy and money. The logo and the design is one part of a job. Another one is programming and support. Let’s cut the programming expenses by using some free tools. Let’s decrease the design costs by using numerous free designer tools. Cutting the expenses for support service could be difficult, unless the visitors would come just out of nowhere. It is obvious that at the beginning stage of the website's existence the traffic would be a big problem. 

Therefore one of the easiest ways to get visitors is to create a community-based website with people who are already involved in some other similar communities. This can be done with Ning - the online service that helps create your own social network. The best thing is that it can be done by anyone, no matter if it is going to be a network for people from a particular country, or just a close circle of home gamers.

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