Interview with Geoff Manning of Twiter Poker Tour

If you would look at the history of Facebook, Twitter and other social media giants you would notice that at the beginning most of them were just nice personal incentives trying to make the world a better place. Then they boomed, got investments, their shares got listed at the stock market, some of the founders could make themselves a nice 25th birthday present – no more work for the rest of their lives  A lot of nice incentives have also disappeared because of having too little members and fans. This usually happens when there are thousands of video sharing or micro-blogging sites. But if you are one of the kind, the chances of succeeding become greater.

Poker is a still an untapped market as the majority of poker players prefer traditional media and communication at the online poker room chat or trying to read opponents tells through the mirror glasses. However, the times change and those who will be able to get the most of the new social media solutions will go to the next level (what web 3.0 will be like no one knows yet).

Geoff Manning and his colleagues will most likely be the first ones to reach the next level because they understand the importance of social media in poker. Who is Geoff Manning? He is just a guy who created (with the help of two friends) the first poker league community for Twitter users – Twitter Poker Tour (TPT). And it is not just another poker league community, which are available on every poker social network, because the main TPT focus is towards the communication between league players on Twitter. The rest comes as usual – tournaments, winners, nicknames, points, the leader board.

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