Poker Twibbon

Have you noticed a Twitter avatar with a small image of underlined Internet Explorer logo, Twitter bird, or simply a yellow ribbon? If you did, you probably know that these people support some kind of cause using new Twitter application called Twibbon.

TwibbonFor those who still do not understand what it's all about, I will try to explain it in a simple manner. Have you ever supported some politician and wore a badge with their picture? Have you ever had a red ribbon to support people with HIV? The Twitter ribbons are something similar.


The most popular cause supported on Twitter was the Iranian president election and it was turning your Twitter avatar green. The same system is used by where you can select 1 cause you want to support. For example, "I ♥ Twitter", "IE6 must die", "DDOS sucks", "Supernatural", "I love Harry Potter", "#iamthemob" etc.

Poker Odds Calculator desktop application - One of the kind

There are many poker odds calculators that help counting the odds. Their main problem is that they are created for either Windows or Macintosh operating systems. Using Adobe Air technology the same Flash, HTML, JAVAscript based application can be used in all 3 most popular OS: Windows, Mac and Linux. I was searching for such a one, but could not find it. Google gave me just the downloadable versions for Mac and Windows separately.

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