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Useful poker tools. Part II: Social bookmarking

Couple of weeks ago I have started writing a blog about useful poker related widgets to be used by every poker blogger. Useful poker tools. Part I: News widgets described a few news widgets that bring some quality content to one's blog.

One of the main concerns of every blogger is how to make the blog popular and have a lot of readers. Lots of marketing strategies may be applied, but one of the best ways is for your articles to be recommended by the readers themselves. As a Poker blogger I can assure you that the organic traffic is the most valuable one. When you try promoting your blog, people perceive it as spam. When readers promote your blog - it gives the sense of trust. How do you achieve that?

Poker Social Bookmark sites' overview

One of the most popular forms of Web 2.0 is social bookmarking. The essence is quite simple – one can share his favorite link, write a short review and others can vote for it influencing popularity and comment. The result is a high traffic to that link for some period of time, lots of comments creating the discussion. You have probably participate in such social bookmarking activity using Delicious, StumbleUpon, Digg, Propeller, NewsVine, Reddit, Furl and many others. If you have posted a link to your Facebook profile, you are also familiar with the social bookmarking.
At the second post of this blog I have raised the problem of information quality and trust. Where do you look for the information you need? Search engines do not always give what you want. Social networks as well. In case of poker information (with lots of garbage in the field), one of the information sources can be poker targeted social bookmarking sites. Of course, you can look in the global ones, but you may get some results that are related to poker as a game (notice the movies – poker is mentioned in almost all of them) or lifestyle, but not always meaning resources and news.
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