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10 best poker blogs: Poker Pros

Which poker pro is your favorite? Phil Ivey or Chris “Jesus” Ferguson? They are both TOP level pros and definitely have something to say about their travels, tournaments they play in, their videos and lots of other interesting stuff a poker pro does every day. And although they both have their official blogs, they do not blog regularly. Actually only a few of the top level poker players update their blogs often and write about the things that are interesting to their fans.

We have already presented the TOP 10 General Poker Blogs and Top 10 Poker brand blogs. Now it is time to check which poker pros write their own blogs and which ones are actually good at it.

10 best poker blogs: Poker Brands

There are thousands of poker blogs, but only tens of them are worth reading and subscribing to their RSS feeds because of information quality and frequency. We have presented best 10 general poker blogs already. Let us present another 10 poker blogs managed by the well known poker brands. Biggest online poker rooms have their own poker blogs which are used as news about their promotions and masterminded players. Sometimes they are even written by the team Pros, therefore interesting and worth attention. However readers should be aware, that the goal of such blogs is to promote the particular brand and surrounding services, including gaming.

As in the first part of this article series, we should warn about the grading. 1st or 10th position does not mean superiority of the blog. This is not evaluation, so places are given based on author’s decision (personal author’s position is that some blogs, which are not so well known, should not be placed in the bottom ).

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