10 Facebook pages every poker player should be a Fan of (Part 4)

Although it’s getting harder and harder to find quality Facebook poker fan pages, we have managed to collect 10 more. This gets us very close to reaching the goal of the Top 50 poker-related Facebook pages being collected in 2009. Some of the pages discussed in this part have only been created recently, but it seems that they have been managed by the professionals. Maybe the author of the Poker 2.0 blog should revive some of the dead Facebook poker pages by tracking their founders?

Let’s continue with another TOP10 of the follow-worthy pages:

Facebook pages every poker player should be Fan of (Part 3)

Which poker-related Facebook pages could be interesting to poker players and worth following? We described the first 10 and yet another 10 in the previous articles. Finding them was a rather easy task, but now comes a very difficult one, as there are simply not many left. The majority of poker fan pages are neglected or spammed by their members, so it is quite hard to separate the gold from the ashes.

However, let’s continue with another TOP10 of the follow worthy pages:

Best Poker Moments (website) is a very interesting and worth following Facebook page as it updates the followers with the best (according to the page) poker videos from various online sources. Some of them belong to the poker classics, some contain bloopers and other interesting and worth time-wasting poker pro videos. Poker 2.0 highly recommends following this Fan Page. Approximately 2,600 fans.

Facebook pages every poker player should be a Fan of (Part 2)

Last week we have started analyzing the best poker-related Facebook Fan Pages. It appears that there are more than 10 quality resources, therefore we bring you another list. Here are the 5 categories to which the Facebook poker fan pages are assigned:

  1.   General poker pages
  2.   Global poker brands
  3.   Local poker brands
  4.   Poker websites
  5.   Poker pro fan pages

Here is another list of TOP10 pages which are worth following:

Facebook pages every poker player should be a Fan of (Part 1)

Some people would say, that if you are not on Facebook, you do not exist at all or simply do not know what a computer is :) No idea what computers have to do with it, as Facebook has a wonderful iPhone app and a mobile version, so it is a perfect way of communicating with no boundaries. If you are on Facebook, you might face another problem – too much information, especially if you are a poker player. We would like to give you some guidelines on which poker pages should be followed.

The information quality in Facebook Pages (same as friends, only belong to some public person or brand) is a matter of discussion. If a website puts only an RSS feed in their Facebook page and nothing else, can it be a quality resource? Most probably NOT. If the website provides all its updates with links promoting some online deals, urging to sign-up, to subscribe, to download or try something out, it also can NOT be considered a quality resource. Some interesting and useful information gathered in 1 place, discussions, games and updates at least once a week may indicate a GOOD resource. So let’s look at the poker pages which provide quality information and should be followed.

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