Poker content and news aggregators

One of the latest web 2.0 trends is content aggregators. They select some particular online resources and expose their RSS information sorted by particular topics. In other words, you can see the best RSS feeds from trustworthy news sources and blogs about jobs, cars, fashion, music, even Lady Gaga and of course poker and gambling. The online resources are selected by editors, therefore no useless information gets through.

Content aggregators help high quality blogs and websites distribute their content (mainly news and blogs). Some of the aggregators are SEO friendly, so staying there longer can impact the search engine results as they usually have quite good Google positions. Traffic details may also indicate good quality, as feeds are usually displayed in the related information page (not like StumbleUpon with its accidental traffic).

Choose the value of poker information

At the beginning you should decide what information about poker you want to get. Is it rules, strategy articles teaching you how to act in one game or another, stakes and situation? Maybe you are looking for poker "thriller" videos from live tournaments when people play with royal flushes and still build a breathtaking tension at the table. Maybe you're interested in strategy videos that in most cases are the paid ones and analyze online games? Maybe you just need some gossip about the stars playing poker or the poker pros? Want to check the bad beats, good hands and learn from the mistakes of the real online poker players? There is plenty of information which can be found in one place or scattered at some undiscovered locations.

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