Top 5 Facebook poker rooms excluding Zyga's Texas Holdem

We all know that PokerStars and FullTilt are not the World’s largest online poker rooms. The biggest one is Zynga’s Texas Holdem available on Facebook. It does not have real money games, but it has lots of other interesting features – social interaction, competing against your friends, achievements and titles, referring system which works as a virus etc. Even though it does not have the biggest pots or a lot of poker pros playing there, it still brings 19 million people to its poker tables everyday. PokerStars holds the World record for the highest player traffic with 307 thousand players online.

Poker leagues go social with PokerDIY

From the social network and web 2.0 perspective, the 80% of the poker league consists of the poker community and 20% of the social network as the players are related both as colleagues and as competitors. The league is based on the achievement process – people must complete various tasks, get points and rank in the leaderboards. The interaction between players forms a social network – they communicate in the forum, update their status, use the internal messaging, write blogs, upload pictures and videos to share their experience and educate the newbies.

PokerDIY is a little bit different from the social network point of view. It provides much more web 2.0 tools than any other poker social network. As the RSS widget is no longer the 8th miracle of the Word, the poker league Facebook application and the iPhone app are definitely worth your attention as they are the first ones in the market. Blogging is not so important at this rather old poker social network, but people still post. There is always a member who has something to say to their peers and to the community.

Poker Odds Calculator desktop application - One of the kind

There are many poker odds calculators that help counting the odds. Their main problem is that they are created for either Windows or Macintosh operating systems. Using Adobe Air technology the same Flash, HTML, JAVAscript based application can be used in all 3 most popular OS: Windows, Mac and Linux. I was searching for such a one, but could not find it. Google gave me just the downloadable versions for Mac and Windows separately.

What can be interesting to poker players in Facebook

Facebook unites a lot of poker players or at least people who are interested in poker. Lots of poker pros post their pictures and updates on Facebook. So what features can Facebook offer to people who are starting with Facebook or desire to spend more time there? The first place every poker player should visit at Facebook's poker room – Zynga's Texas Holdem Poker. It looks like a real poker room, only there are no real money games here. As most applications in Facebook it also has the results comparison with your friends, various challenges, sending gifts etc. The play is just for fun, so if you expect some real action, you can be dissapointed very quickly.

Poker application for Twitter

Twitter now is the third biggest social network full of various applications and tools for social interaction. Some of these applications are very popular, for example Twitpic, Twitterfeed, Twtpoll. Some of them are used only for a specific market or a certain group of people.
Although poker players still do not have many useful applications the situation is constantly changing and we can already find Twitter style and functionality services for poker fans.

One of the first (if not the very first, as I have never seen other poker services for Twitter - correct me in the comments, if I am wrong) is Texas Holdem poker room FlockPoker (please pay attention to the name, which includes the allusion to the Flock of birds – Tweets).
I found FlockPoker accidentally. I think the creator started following @pokernews account. I do not know the creator(s), so my compliments or complaints are based on my personal opinion. I do not have or intend to have any affiliation with this website.
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