What is a Poker Social Network?

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Poker in Social MediaRecently I have started investigating Poker Social Networks. I have started some topics on the major poker forums, such as 2+2, FullContact, Pocketfives asking people what poker social networks did they know. Although these threads were deleted rather quickly (people started advertising their websites even though they were not social networks at all), some answers made me worried. 

It seems that people do not understand what a poker social network is.
I would like to explain it in a simple manner. Let’s start from the definition of a social network. According to Wikipedia a social network is
…a social structure made of nodes (which are generally individuals or organizations) that are tied by one or more specific types of interdependency, such as friendship, kinship, financial exchange, dislike, sexual relationships, or relationships of beliefs, knowledge or prestige.
In other words the main issues in the network are personal ties and status updates of the person's actions. The website that does not have them cannot be called a social network. Here is a video about social networking:
Another characteristic feature of a social network is some user generated content – that is what web 2.0 is all about – pictures, notes, sharing links, polls, quizzes and other applications. If the site only contains a forum and none of the other necessary features it cannot be called a social network. So there is only one step from a poker community to a social network – a friendship circle and personal updates with particular privacy settings.
What IS a poker social network? What is NOT a poker social network?
Poker social network is the same as an ordinary social network with the personal ties as a key feature. Plus, it has the poker related content generated by the users: blogs, pictures, hands, videos etc.
Here is a list of poker social networks:
The poker community websites that do not have friendship ties as their main feature are not poker social networks. Such sites may have user generated content, but without the friendship between the members they can only be called Poker Communities.
Here are some sites that may look like social networks, although they are NOT:
Poker Player Social Network PPSN – pokerplayerssocialnetwork.com
TiltBook – tiltbook.com
PokerSpace – pokerspace.com
Donkr – donkr.com
PokerBattle - PokerBattle.com
Pokerdiy - Pokerdiy.com
PocketFives – pocketfives.com
CardLovers – cardlovers.com
BlackBeltPoker – blackbeltpoker.com
ProPokerSpace - propokerspace.com
PokerNations – pokernations.com
MeetpokerPals - meetpokerpals.com
RailBirds - railbirds.com
2+2 – the biggest poker community in the world based on forum conversations.
My.pokernews.com – one of the best poker blog tools on the market. Even though you can make friends there it is not a social network.
PokerHand.org – the website for hand publishing and analysis.
FTSweat.com – Twitter-like status update tool for poker players. And although one can follow other people status updates (mutual friendship is not required) it does not fit to the social network requirements.
Facebook – the biggest social network in the world, which has some nice poker applications, groups and fan pages, but is still too general to be called a poker social network.
If you know any other poker social networks, please let me know and I will add them to the list. Let’s make a list of all the best poker social networks. 


I think the key feature on a

I think the key feature on a social networking site is an interaction among users. I tried all the sites listed above, but unfortunately only TiltBook and PokerSpace have "Add a Friend" feature, meaning in other sites I had no way to connect with people, and I should just see the contents that other users posted. I don't think this one way publication can be a social network. Sorry about that, but it's true. I wonder if you ever tried AllinSpot Poker http://www.allinspot.com I think it's one of the best poker social networking. Please keep in mind that when you try the site, you need to see the inside of software. All the interaction happens in the software, not open website.

Poker Social Network

I think that http://www.twitterpokertour.com qualifies as a social poker network.

Don't think so as friendship

Don't think so as friendship ties are not the key issue of this portal. The key issue is more community stuff - freerolls, league, forum discussion.

Thanks. I hope to continue

Thanks. I hope to continue describing every social network separately :)


Nice article Sir.