Poker Questions and Answers

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When you do not know something about poker, you simply go to Google and try searching. Sometimes, the search results are disappointing, because they do not contain the information you were looking for. Fortunately, there is another way. Just post your poker query at one of the poker question and answer sites and wait a couple of days for it to be answered by the poker players. If the answer does not satisfy you, try doing the same at some other similar site.

Poker question and answer (Q&A) sites can be easily called a web 2.0 tool, as their content is submitted and generated by the users. However, there are some sites that make a selection of questions and hand them to poker professionals to answer. Sometimes these services are payed, so we will not go too deep into this area. Just mentioning one of the free question and answer sites – where questions should be submitted in a special “contact us” like form. The same situation is with, but they do not give the 24 hour guarantee for answering the submitted question.

Of course the activity factor is very important. There are some general Q&A sites which are hundreds of times more active than the special Poker Q&A services. Anyway, let’s start from the niche sites. – a service where registered members can ask and answer poker questions. Unfortunately, it has too many unanswered questions, so most likely it is a little neglected.

PokerShark Q&As – the PokerShark resource and community site has a tool for asking and answering poker related questions. The registration is not necessary.

And unfortunately that's it. People do not like asking and answering questions in niche websites, but they are very active at the larger general question and answer portals. Let’s check what they have.

WikiAnswers - the World’s leading Q&A portal. It belongs to the same company as Wikipedia, therefore it can be trusted.

Yahoo! Answers – another giant in the market with lots of active users. The questions are answered in just a few minutes after the submission. If one has a Yahoo! Email, no additional registration is needed.

AnswerBag - another trustworthy online answering machine. It is not very active, so the answer can be posted in a period of a few days. - another not so active Q&A service. You can ask your question or answer it either as a registered user or after you connect via Facebook.

AskVille – question and answer service. Not so active in Poker category.

These are just a few ways how to get answers to your poker questions. It can also be done in your Social network (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace etc.) or any poker forum you are a member of. Just make sure you are asking in the right category, otherwise you may be moderated.