Poker Links

This page is dedicated for some usefull poker links. These links describe the quality resources of various poker social networks, tools for poker webmasters, blogs, web 2.0 features, community sites etc. If you are a webmaster and you would like to suggest your link, please contact me Only poker and gambling related links are added there, so please do not bother with resources from other industries than gaming.

Poker Social Networks:

Poker Player Social Network - social network for poker players (using NING platform). Top level poker pros are members of this network, so every member can enjoy nice communication with them.
PokerNations - the brand new Facebook like poker social network.
RailBirds - poker social network with very active poker community, writing blogs and running various contests.
Poker Community sites:
2+2 - biggest poker forum in the World as well as most active community. is poker blogs community in more than 20 different languages.
Poker Webmaster tools:

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CardPlayerLinks Note: This Poker Links section is also used for reciprocal links and quality poker link exchange.