Useful poker tools. Part II: Social bookmarking

Couple of weeks ago I have started writing a blog about useful poker related widgets to be used by every poker blogger. Useful poker tools. Part I: News widgets described a few news widgets that bring some quality content to one's blog.

One of the main concerns of every blogger is how to make the blog popular and have a lot of readers. Lots of marketing strategies may be applied, but one of the best ways is for your articles to be recommended by the readers themselves. As a Poker blogger I can assure you that the organic traffic is the most valuable one. When you try promoting your blog, people perceive it as spam. When readers promote your blog - it gives the sense of trust. How do you achieve that?

Poker application for Twitter

Twitter now is the third biggest social network full of various applications and tools for social interaction. Some of these applications are very popular, for example Twitpic, Twitterfeed, Twtpoll. Some of them are used only for a specific market or a certain group of people.
Although poker players still do not have many useful applications the situation is constantly changing and we can already find Twitter style and functionality services for poker fans.

One of the first (if not the very first, as I have never seen other poker services for Twitter - correct me in the comments, if I am wrong) is Texas Holdem poker room FlockPoker (please pay attention to the name, which includes the allusion to the Flock of birds – Tweets).
I found FlockPoker accidentally. I think the creator started following @pokernews account. I do not know the creator(s), so my compliments or complaints are based on my personal opinion. I do not have or intend to have any affiliation with this website.

Useful poker tools. Part I: News widgets

Today everyone can have their own poker site easily and free. All you need to do is launch a blog in any of the free services and write write write everything you think will be readable by your friends. However, only writing is not enough. Every poker blogger should include some of most useful poker widgets to their blogs just to make the blog more interactive. Widget is a small application which shows the information from the third party websites. Information is broadcasted in XML format, but you do not need to know much HTML in order to embed it to your website. There are lots of Poker widgets for the websites (other kinds of widgets are downloadable and used for desktop). Usually widgets provide the news headlines. I will try to cover a few of them.

Poker Social Bookmark sites' overview

One of the most popular forms of Web 2.0 is social bookmarking. The essence is quite simple – one can share his favorite link, write a short review and others can vote for it influencing popularity and comment. The result is a high traffic to that link for some period of time, lots of comments creating the discussion. You have probably participate in such social bookmarking activity using Delicious, StumbleUpon, Digg, Propeller, NewsVine, Reddit, Furl and many others. If you have posted a link to your Facebook profile, you are also familiar with the social bookmarking.
At the second post of this blog I have raised the problem of information quality and trust. Where do you look for the information you need? Search engines do not always give what you want. Social networks as well. In case of poker information (with lots of garbage in the field), one of the information sources can be poker targeted social bookmarking sites. Of course, you can look in the global ones, but you may get some results that are related to poker as a game (notice the movies – poker is mentioned in almost all of them) or lifestyle, but not always meaning resources and news.

Twitter clone for poker players - FTsweat

Twitter madness is spreading out of the blue bird's flock. The micro-blogging platforms are built every month expecting such hype and of course the financial success as Twitter. But it seems that no one can beat Twitter. Neither employee micro-blogging platform Yammer or Pownce or Jaiku or 10 other Global ones or 200 international ones.

Recession in Poker. Is it real or hoax?

The worldwide media buzzes about the economical recession, crisis in banking system and people’s lives caused by mortgages, job cuts etc. Let them buzzzz, as we are poker players and some of us don't care. Why? Why should we care about this recession paranoia when we constantly hear about the growth of Pokerstars, millions of US dollars won every weekend at the major poker rooms, new series of live and online tournaments launched this year etc.?

All Poker Pros in Twitter

Just got the idea to collect all the poker pros in Twitter. Twitter does not have the requirement and the manner to collect real information about the person, sometimes it can be hard to distinguish the real poker pro from the fan who loves him/her so much that puts on their picture and tweets "on behalf". Some call such fans "squatters", but I would rather consider them as too zealous fans :) I would need some help from the readers, so if you know some poker pros which are not on the list, please let me know either in comments or privately.

Choose the value of poker information

At the beginning you should decide what information about poker you want to get. Is it rules, strategy articles teaching you how to act in one game or another, stakes and situation? Maybe you are looking for poker "thriller" videos from live tournaments when people play with royal flushes and still build a breathtaking tension at the table. Maybe you're interested in strategy videos that in most cases are the paid ones and analyze online games? Maybe you just need some gossip about the stars playing poker or the poker pros? Want to check the bad beats, good hands and learn from the mistakes of the real online poker players? There is plenty of information which can be found in one place or scattered at some undiscovered locations.

Poker 2.0 - what is it?

The internet trends of recent years are going WEB 2.0. What is WEB 2.0? You can read about it in Wikipedia or you may follow this article where I will try to explain it in my own words. WEB 2.0 is the part of internet content submitted by ordinary people rather than paid journalists, public relations agents, copywriters or scholars. People submit such information as comments, Tweets, pictures, videos, PowerPoint presentations, their own writings in PDF format, blogs, diaries, interesting links that they share etc. Web 2.0 is not only about creating information. It is also about delivering it to the reader's eyes. People may now access information not only from search engines, but also from RSS feeds, Email subscriptions, Twitter followers and friends who share their links on Delicious or Digg. People can receive information and spread it to others using badges (Twitter badge, Flickr recent photos badge etc.) and applications in various social networks. Facebook, mySpace, LinkedIn are the perfect places for sharing the information created in Blogger, Wordpress or found via Delicious, Mixx, Yahoo! Buzz, Digg etc.
This blog is named Poker 2.0. Why? I am going to write about social networks and poker, because people submit so much unique information about their passion - hand transcripts, screenshots of their winings at the online poker rooms, bad beats, photos from their home games, mobile photos and videos from poker tournaments (some of them can be illegal and shot from the sleeve). There are so many poker pros who share their experience in blogs or videoblogs. Some of them have even launched a webTV or a series of coaching videos. The internet is full of dramatic poker videos from live tournaments and funny collages of the most popular poker players. This variety of information is scattered around so I will try to collect the most interesting pieces.

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