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 If you are a poker player and would like to start your own blog to share your experience and views about the poker world, you'll have to decide on the essential issue – whether to use a general blogging platform such as Wordpress,,, or a poker community blogging engine. Those who have decided to go with Wordpress or Blogger, please read this article just to make sure you know what you're missing and is it worth it. 

Poker Pros support Iran making green Twitter profile pictures

Annie Duke Twitter profile is GreenYou have probably noticed that some poker pros' profile pictures turned green. This is not a Twitter bug, nor these people have attended photoshop lessons. The poker pros @Andy_Bloch, @RealAnnieDuke, @howardhlederer have turned their profile pictures green because they support righteous Iran elections. As you may already know the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was reelected for the second time, but his opponents declared election fraud and other abuses which caused big riots in capital Teheran.

Poker 2.0 Blog will not consider anything about politics of this remote Muslim country. Everyone has the right to express their political views in the way they consider appropriate – marching in the streets or making their Twitter profiles green.

There is a special application called Support #IranElection which turns your Twitter profile image green. If you want to express your political views in this way, you are free to do so. However, please read some information about this application from before you do.

How to add card symbols on Twitter

I've been thinking: why do poker players use some weird abbreviations and signs to describe the hand they have. Every forum and hand converter use the letter system, so in order to tell that they have a Jack of Spades and a King of Diamonds people write JsKd. Why not J♠K♦? Is it a little complicated? Not at all, if you have these card symbols by the hand. Just copy+paste them and the hands will look much nicer in your blog, Facebook update and even Twitter.


Beware! Porn spam in Twitter!

Did I do something wrong that our @pokernews_live Twitter account is followed by some suspicious twitter users with kinky names and porn avatars? Take a look at today's (June 3rd, 2009) followers list! 

Live Reporting of WSOP 2009 - 7 spots to get live updates

Live reporting of the WSOP 2009 is different from the previous ones. Web 2.0 is taking over the traditional video broadcast or chip count updates in the format of forum topics or blog posts. Now the new type of live reporting emerged – Twitter updates.

Poker Odds Calculator desktop application - One of the kind

There are many poker odds calculators that help counting the odds. Their main problem is that they are created for either Windows or Macintosh operating systems. Using Adobe Air technology the same Flash, HTML, JAVAscript based application can be used in all 3 most popular OS: Windows, Mac and Linux. I was searching for such a one, but could not find it. Google gave me just the downloadable versions for Mac and Windows separately.

Twitter poker pros’ tweets in one place

Twitter is becoming more and more popular among professional poker players. The long list of Twittering pros witness that, as well as a few nice incentives to collect the pros to one place. Recently a new interesting website appeared – 

Texas Holdem Poker - most played game in Facebook!

If you are a Facebook member, you probably play poker using Zynga's Texas Holdem Poker game. This is a simple play money game where you can also interact with your facebook buddies by earning titles and sending chips. Some tournaments makes this game more interesting. If you have ever questioned how many people play this game, here is the answer:

Last month there were 12,377,179 active players (increased by 1,054,775 from month before)

Poker hand replayers and converters

Web 2.0 is about sharing the user created content. What content is the most popular in poker 2.0 realm? Pictures with poker buddies, screenshots of tournament winnings, blog posts on how the poker room is rigged :) and, of course, poker hands. The bad beat or a good hand can create a very active discussion and make the player known and popular if he had played some online poker pro. Web 2.0 is not only about creating the content, but also about sharing it. If you post a hand log to your favorite forum, it will not count as web 2.0 as forums are virtual communities and not social networks.

What can be interesting to poker players in Facebook

Facebook unites a lot of poker players or at least people who are interested in poker. Lots of poker pros post their pictures and updates on Facebook. So what features can Facebook offer to people who are starting with Facebook or desire to spend more time there? The first place every poker player should visit at Facebook's poker room – Zynga's Texas Holdem Poker. It looks like a real poker room, only there are no real money games here. As most applications in Facebook it also has the results comparison with your friends, various challenges, sending gifts etc. The play is just for fun, so if you expect some real action, you can be dissapointed very quickly.

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