How to add card symbols on Twitter

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I've been thinking: why do poker players use some weird abbreviations and signs to describe the hand they have. Every forum and hand converter use the letter system, so in order to tell that they have a Jack of Spades and a King of Diamonds people write JsKd. Why not J♠K♦? Is it a little complicated? Not at all, if you have these card symbols by the hand. Just copy+paste them and the hands will look much nicer in your blog, Facebook update and even Twitter.




How to do that? It's easy if you use the Word software for your writing. All you need to do is open a blank Word document and insert the special symbols Insert>Special Symbols. Choose one of the most popular fonts and somewhere at the bottom you will find all 4 card symbols. Insert them into Word and keep them in the place you can easily open when you need to post something.

Or bookmark this blog and open it when you need one. Please remember to copy this line to your text editor:

Spades (s) - ♠ Clubs (c) - ♣ Hearts (h) - ♥ Diamonds (d) - ♦

Hopefully this will help to make your Twitter nicer with some additional characters as these card symbols are standard and all the websites should be able to show them. They are not like pictures; they are like 4 separate letters.