Interview with Geoff Manning of Twiter Poker Tour

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If you would look at the history of Facebook, Twitter and other social media giants you would notice that at the beginning most of them were just nice personal incentives trying to make the world a better place. Then they boomed, got investments, their shares got listed at the stock market, some of the founders could make themselves a nice 25th birthday present – no more work for the rest of their lives  A lot of nice incentives have also disappeared because of having too little members and fans. This usually happens when there are thousands of video sharing or micro-blogging sites. But if you are one of the kind, the chances of succeeding become greater.

Poker is a still an untapped market as the majority of poker players prefer traditional media and communication at the online poker room chat or trying to read opponents tells through the mirror glasses. However, the times change and those who will be able to get the most of the new social media solutions will go to the next level (what web 3.0 will be like no one knows yet).

Geoff Manning and his colleagues will most likely be the first ones to reach the next level because they understand the importance of social media in poker. Who is Geoff Manning? He is just a guy who created (with the help of two friends) the first poker league community for Twitter users – Twitter Poker Tour (TPT). And it is not just another poker league community, which are available on every poker social network, because the main TPT focus is towards the communication between league players on Twitter. The rest comes as usual – tournaments, winners, nicknames, points, the leader board.


Poker 2.0 Blog had interviewed Geoff Manning (@cprpoker on Twitter) about the start, the present and the future of TPT.

Q. How was the name Twitter Poker Tour born? Whose idea was it?

A. A few Twitter friends were throwing around the idea of having a weekly online poker game and the idea was born! We registered the domain and built out the website. It started as just a one page informational website but has grown to include a leader board, schedule, blog posts as well as a forum.

Q. What is TPT's main goal? Why is Twitter so important to this community/league? What is your personal attitude towards Twitter?

A. The main goal of the TPT as I see it is to have casual online poker events each week. The point is to have a casual home game with friends, but online. We set the buy in for each event at $5 so that it will be inviting to newer players to come check us out without breaking the bank while at the same time appeal to the more experienced and higher buy in players that want to come play and relax.

Twitter is very important for our community because it provides a communications channel for all of us to get to know each other away from the poker rooms. Personally, I love Twitter. I feel that some of the other social media outlets take too much time to manage. Updating profiles, pictures, etc can become a laborious task for some. The simplicity of Twitter is what makes it stand out.

Q.  When did you launch the TPT? Who runs the site? How many people are working with this project?

A. The Twitter Poker Tour was started in October of 2008 and is run primarily by myself, Geoff Manning of Complete Poker Rules and co-founder Trevor Holewinski of One of our advisors and someone we rely on a lot for insight is Paul Ellis of Paul helped the TPT get involved with it's charity work for Bad Beat on Cancer and we raised over $500 for in an August event.

Q. How many active users does TPT have?

A. The TPT draws about 30 players each week and so far this season we have had about 60 individual players join us at some point. With the summer upon us and the down economy, these numbers are down from last season when we averaged about 40 players a week.

Q. What are the benefits of being a TPT member?

A. The TPT awards the winner of each week's Thursday night TPT a free month subscription to the poker training site DC has been a great sponsor of ours for the past 2 seasons and we look forward to a continued relationship.

Q. Why are TPT and TPT Europe separate leagues?

A. The Twitter Poker Tour started with just a Thursday night 9 PM ET event which is far too late for the European time zones. So we introduced the TPT-Europe at the start of Season4 at a different time (7PM GMT) to accommodate those time zones.

Q. How will you improve the website in the future? Will it only remain a poker league or will it move towards the community site (the forum is already a start )

We are looking forward to partnering with more sponsors to really ramp up the prizes for our weekly winners and leader board leaders. We have no immediate plans to grow out the community site beyond the forum. Twitter is our community site, we just use the forum when we have to use more than 140 characters .

Thank you for your answers Geoff and good luck with your incentive!

Hopefully the TPT will develop into a huge poker community and will use only the latest social media solutions.