10 Facebook pages every poker player should be a Fan of (Part 4)

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Although it’s getting harder and harder to find quality Facebook poker fan pages, we have managed to collect 10 more. This gets us very close to reaching the goal of the Top 50 poker-related Facebook pages being collected in 2009. Some of the pages discussed in this part have only been created recently, but it seems that they have been managed by the professionals. Maybe the author of the Poker 2.0 blog should revive some of the dead Facebook poker pages by tracking their founders?

Let’s continue with another TOP10 of the follow-worthy pages:

Partypoker (Brand) is the official PartyPoker fan page managed by some media guys at Partygaming. The page provides the latest updates from the Party blog, announces promotions and the new poker features. Approximately 100 fans.

I'm a pokerstar (website) is an interesting Facebook fan page which provides videos and various other poker-related news from all kinds of poker websites. Some updates from the main site are also published, but they're not irritating. This Facebook fan page is the second-largest active fan page after the PokerStars official page. Approximately 17,200 fans.

Online Poker Training Videos - OutstandingPoker.com (website) is a fan page of a poker-training website. It does not only provide the latest video updates, but various strategy articles as well. If you are still in the stage of learning the game, you may find this fan page interesting. Approximately 300 fans.

Cake Poker - Official Page (Brand) is the official fan page of one of the most original poker rooms in the market (open for US players) – Cake Poker. Most of the updates include various poker promotions and ads, pictures from cake parties, poker events and photos of the poker pros. Approximately 2,700 fans.

I Love Gambling (general) is a page about gambling in general. It updates the fans with some gambling-related quotes and gambling news from various independent online sources. Approximately 200 fans.

Poker: Home Games (website) is a fan page of the RoundersNetwork home game section where people can announce their home games and search for the ones taking place nearby. This page mainly focuses on the US-based home games. It is one of the few Facebook pages by the RoundersNetwork. The other pages are dedicated to cash games, tournament play etc. Approximately 3,100 fans.

Online Poker (general) is a page providing some general poker information. The image of this Facebook page hints about it’s goal – help legalize poker in the US. Approximately 1,400 fans.

MGM Grand Las Vegas (Local Brand) is a fan page of one of the biggest and one of the best-know casinos in Las Vegas. Those who plan on visiting Las Vegas or just have interest in live poker and various casino shows and activities, should follow this page. By the way, not all of the biggest Las Vegas casinos update their Facebook pages properly, MGM Grand is one of the few that does. Approximately 33,600 fans.

Poker Team Bankroll (website) is a fan page that provides information about poker celebrities. Approximately 400 fans.

PokerTime (Brand) is a fan page of an online poker room PokerTime. This fan page gathers the online poker community and provides the latest information about PokerTime. This room still accepts US players, so it may be useful. Approximately 1100 fans.

So here are 10 more Facebook poker fan pages worth following. It's a pity that some of the poker pages post too much ads and therefore cannot be listed here. Poker is not only about the daily $50 freerolls or sign up bonuses. There are a lot of videos, poker pro interviews, poker blogs, tools and even iPhone apps still to be noticed by the Facebook poker community.