Facebook pages every poker player should be Fan of (Part 3)

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Which poker-related Facebook pages could be interesting to poker players and worth following? We described the first 10 and yet another 10 in the previous articles. Finding them was a rather easy task, but now comes a very difficult one, as there are simply not many left. The majority of poker fan pages are neglected or spammed by their members, so it is quite hard to separate the gold from the ashes.

However, let’s continue with another TOP10 of the follow worthy pages:

Best Poker Moments (website) is a very interesting and worth following Facebook page as it updates the followers with the best (according to the page) poker videos from various online sources. Some of them belong to the poker classics, some contain bloopers and other interesting and worth time-wasting poker pro videos. Poker 2.0 highly recommends following this Fan Page. Approximately 2,600 fans.

World Series of Poker Academy (Brand) is a Facebook fan page which provides its members with the instructional poker camps. The page is updated rather rarely, but the posts are really useful. Approximately 550 fans.

ESPN Inside Deal (Brand) is a fan page of the ESPN’s TV poker show. It mostly announces the new episodes of the show. The page is quite busy as the members post a lot of comments. Approximately 1,400 fans.

Caesars Palace (Local Brand) is a fan page of one of the biggest and best-known casinos in Las Vegas. The page announces the upcoming casino events and provides useful information. Approximately 9,500 fans.

Kenna James (Pro/Brand) is a fan page of a poker pro Kenna James. Not sure if Mr. James posts the updates himself (as it mostly advertises his poker room), but the page is quite active. A lot of poker pro pages have many followers, but not a single word from them, so Kenna James should definitely be followed. Approximately 600 fans.

Two Months. Two Million. (Brand) is a fan page of a popular high stakes poker TV show and competition. Approximately 1,300 fans.

Dusk Till Dawn (Local Brand) is a fan page of one of the best-known poker clubs in England where lots of high-class European tournaments take place. Approximately 850 fans.

www.pokerstrategy.com (Website) is a fan page of one of the most popular poker learning websites. Approximately 1,400 fans.

Sports Betting Encyclopedia (Website) is a fan page of poker and sportsbetting strategy tip website. Even though it is not exactly poker-targeted, but it still provides some interesting information for the poker players (some of them are real punters). Approximately 300 fans.

Betfair Poker (Brand) is a fan page of the Betfair online poker room. The page dos not only provide the information about the latest bonuses and promotions, but also the updates from their supported pros and their achievements. Approximately 200 fans.

We really hope that you will find at least some of these pages interesting. Hopefully, we will soon collect all 50 Facebook fan pages that should be followed by all the poker players and fans. If you know any, please make your suggestions in the comments.