Facebook pages every poker player should be a Fan of (Part 2)

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Last week we have started analyzing the best poker-related Facebook Fan Pages. It appears that there are more than 10 quality resources, therefore we bring you another list. Here are the 5 categories to which the Facebook poker fan pages are assigned:

  1.   General poker pages
  2.   Global poker brands
  3.   Local poker brands
  4.   Poker websites
  5.   Poker pro fan pages

Here is another list of TOP10 pages which are worth following:

BLUFF Magazine (website) is a fan page of a famous poker magazine – Bluff. In most part it contains links to the online magazine articles. Approximately 350 fans.

SHODOWN COUTURE (Brand) is quite an interesting fan page of cool poker clothing. This is the place to check out the poker pros who wear t-shirts and various accessories that have some very nice poker design. The page is updated rather frequently, so there are always pictures with interesting clothes to look at. Approximately 500 fans.

PokerListings - Online Poker Guide (Website) is a fan page of one of the most popular poker information websites in the World. The page is usually updated with the latest news and articles from the main website. Approximately 200 fans.

Full Tilt Poker (Brand) is the official fan page of the 2nd biggest poker room in the World. Unlike Pokerstars page this one does not provide interesting updates as it is set only for the Full Tilt Blog's RSS feed. We cannot recommend following it, but the fact that this page exists should be mentioned anyway. Approximately 6400 fans.

Spartan Poker (Local Brand) is an interesting page with poker information gathered from various sources. Their main website is yet empty, but it seems that their idea is to focus on poker games in Washington State. Approximately 50 fans.

Tony G (poker pro) (Pro) is a fan page of another controversial Australian/Lithuanian poker player Tony G (Real name – Antanas Guoga). The main updates are Tony’s blog posts and his poker room ads. Approximately 1200 fans.

Poker Host (Brand) is a fan page of a rather small online poker room. The major news are the latest promotions and the player community issues. Approximately 300 fans.

Crown Poker (Local Brand) is a fan page of the biggest casino in Melbourne, Australia. It provides some information about the local poker events and aussie poker players. Every Australian poker fan should follow this page. Approximately 1700 fans.

World Team Poker (Brand) is a fan page of a new country vs country poker tournament series. This tournament is quite new so it is not yet very well-known, however some of the top level poker pros participate in it. The fan page provides the latest updates on the pros and the tournament action. Approximately 500 fans.

Dream Team Poker (Brand) is a fan page which supports the tournament with some 1st class poker pros playing in it. The major part of the information covers the news about the poker players provided by various online sources. Approximately 700 fans.

As you can see, there is a bunch of some very nice Facebook pages to be a fan of. Of course, there are 10 times more neglected pages of poker pros and Brands, but we will just ignore them. If you are a fan of some nice and interesting poker-related Facebook page, please let us know by posting a comment.