Facebook pages every poker player should be a Fan of (Part 1)

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Some people would say, that if you are not on Facebook, you do not exist at all or simply do not know what a computer is :) No idea what computers have to do with it, as Facebook has a wonderful iPhone app and a mobile version, so it is a perfect way of communicating with no boundaries. If you are on Facebook, you might face another problem – too much information, especially if you are a poker player. We would like to give you some guidelines on which poker pages should be followed.

The information quality in Facebook Pages (same as friends, only belong to some public person or brand) is a matter of discussion. If a website puts only an RSS feed in their Facebook page and nothing else, can it be a quality resource? Most probably NOT. If the website provides all its updates with links promoting some online deals, urging to sign-up, to subscribe, to download or try something out, it also can NOT be considered a quality resource. Some interesting and useful information gathered in 1 place, discussions, games and updates at least once a week may indicate a GOOD resource. So let’s look at the poker pages which provide quality information and should be followed.

Before starting with the TOP 10 list, let’s put all the pages into 5 categories:

  • General poker pages – pages discussing poker in general or the ones about some poker niche (like Poker 2.0 Facebook Page)
  • Global poker brands – pages of the global poker rooms and companies
  • Local poker brands – pages of some local gambling companies (we will not analyze them much as they are interesting to some specific country only)
  • Websites – pages of various poker websites which are not poker rooms, but provide poker information
  • Poker pros – the pages of professional poker players (in most cases updated by their fans). The main problem is to define which of them are real.

Every poker player should follow these 10 Facebook Fan pages:

  1. Poker Players Alliance (General) unites the US poker player community and people fighting for an honorable cause – legalization of online poker in USA. Everyone can join the PPA organization, donate money, support the cause and use the right of contacting their governor about the same issue – online poker. Every American poker player should join this page to express their support. Every European poker player should observe the fight for the great cause using the guerilla marketing methods. Approximately 19,000 fans.
  2. Team Pokerstars – Find the Poker Star in you (Brand) is the official PokerStars fan page. It provides some interesting info about various PokerStars events. The community is very active and makes a lot of  comments. Approximately 25,500 fans.
  3. The World Series of Poker (general) is a WSOP fan page. It seems like an official fan page as it has no advertisements like the other pages. It provides some WSOP news and pictures, however very seldom. Approximately 600 fans.
  4. WSOPE – World Series of Poker Europe presented by Betfair (general) is a fan page of another WSOP tournament - World Series of Poker Europe. The page is managed by the Betfair social media management and is very active. As the tournament is seasonal, the page is not updated very frequently. Approximately 500 fans.
  5. Texas Hold'em Poker (general) is a fan page of the facebook's most popular game - Zynga’s Texas Holdem. If you play poker on Facebook, you should become a fan of Texas Hold'em Poker. Approximately 3,000,000 (yes, 3 million!) fans.
  6. Pokernews (Website) is a fan page of one of the biggest poker information website in the World. This page is usually updated every day and provides information from the PokerNews network – mostly EPT, WPT and other major tournament live reporting videos. Approximately 2,300 fans.
  7. Phil Hellmuth (Pro) is the official fan page of the poker pro Phil Hellmuth Jr. This controversial poker celebrity definitely deserves some attention from the Facebook community. Approximately 6,300 fans.
  8. Wicked Chops Poker (Website) is a fan page of a famous poker blog which provides some very nice girl pictures and cool poker information. If you do not visit WCP every day, you should take a look on what they post on Facebook. Approximately 400 fans.
  9. PokerRoad.com (Website) is a fan page of a nice website masterminded by Joe Sebok. As it is an information website, the best pieces are provided at the Facebook page as well. Approximately 400 fans.
  10. Liz Lieu (Pro) is a fan page of one of the most charismatic people in the world of poker – Liz Lieu. The Facebook page provides information about Liz as well as her pictures and videos. Approximately 1000 fans.

There are so many good Facebook pages left out there which have not been mentioned yet, but we promise to do that in the future articles of this Facebook Fan page series. If you follow some quality poker fan pages, please let me know by posting a comment (sorry, spammy ones will be deleted immediately, so do not even try advertising them here).