Top 5 Facebook poker rooms excluding Zyga's Texas Holdem

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We all know that PokerStars and FullTilt are not the World’s largest online poker rooms. The biggest one is Zynga’s Texas Holdem available on Facebook. It does not have real money games, but it has lots of other interesting features – social interaction, competing against your friends, achievements and titles, referring system which works as a virus etc. Even though it does not have the biggest pots or a lot of poker pros playing there, it still brings 19 million people to its poker tables everyday. PokerStars holds the World record for the highest player traffic with 307 thousand players online.

But what if you got bored playing at the world’s largest online poker room? Where else can you play poker on Facebook? Let’s check some of the other popular poker rooms, which are below the Giant at the Facebook games list.

1. PokerPalace – the main competitor of Zynga’s Texas Holdem with 1,4 million monthly users. Creator – Playdom.

2. World Poker – another nice poker room with approximately 1 million daily users. The functionality is very similar to Poker Palace and others – play, get chips, invite friends, view player profile and their achievements. Creator – 6 waves.

3. Poker Texas Holdem – an interesting multi-language poker room with not so many people online – only 400,000 daily. Creator – GameDesire. However, it still has more players than PokerStars.

4. Poker with PokerBuddies – a small poker room with ONLY 145,000 daily players (it had experienced a dramatic user decrease as only 2 weeks ago there was a daily 180,000 player traffic). Besides the regular social poker game features it has a very interesting one – poker face, which allows players to set their custom avatars instead of using their Facebook profile picture. Creator – ClearGames.

5. Poker Planet – an even smaller poker room with 80,000 daily players. It has nothing to do with one of the first real money poker rooms – Creator – PokerPlanet (Indian company)(?).

That’s five rooms besides Zynga’s Texas Holdem, where you can play poker with your friends. The smallest of them has approximately 80,000 players a day. If you think that 80K players is too little, please visit and you will see the daily stats of the real money rooms. The day this article was written the biggest real money poker room was PokerStars with 41,000 players. That’s 2 times less than the lousiest play money poker room on Facebook with no fancy graphics, few features and no global visibility in Google, press, TV, numerous online media or blogs. How do they reach such popularity? The answer is the powerful referral mechanism which annoys us a lot, but is very effective. Bwin was the first online poker room to invest some serious money to the software update towards creating more of a social product, but can it reach the numbers of the Facebook poker games? We'll see.