Texas Holdem Poker - most played game in Facebook!

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If you are a Facebook member, you probably play poker using Zynga's Texas Holdem Poker game. This is a simple play money game where you can also interact with your facebook buddies by earning titles and sending chips. Some tournaments makes this game more interesting. If you have ever questioned how many people play this game, here is the answer:

Last month there were 12,377,179 active players (increased by 1,054,775 from month before)


The source: Inside Social Games


There is also another Poker application which has not been described in my resent blog post about Facebook applications called Poker Palace with 1,746,808 active players last month (decreased by 509,682 members since the month before). This game is 22nd in the most popular list.

Poker games rulezzz in Facebook!

According to similar report about Top 25 Games in MySpace, there were 5,539,161 active member. That's more than 2 times less than in Facebook.