Poker Odds Calculator desktop application - One of the kind

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There are many poker odds calculators that help counting the odds. Their main problem is that they are created for either Windows or Macintosh operating systems. Using Adobe Air technology the same Flash, HTML, JAVAscript based application can be used in all 3 most popular OS: Windows, Mac and Linux. I was searching for such a one, but could not find it. Google gave me just the downloadable versions for Mac and Windows separately.

Adobe Air application is installed directly from the web, so no install file download is needed. Also the installed application does not use a lot of computer resources.

Considering the pros and cons of this technology, I have decided to test it on one of Pokernews products – Pokernews Odds Calculator, which can be used by every webmaster as it is easily added to any website. We have the result now.

[trumpet sounds]

And now... I proudly present... the first... and one of the kind... Adobe Air poker desktop application – Poker Odds Calculator!!! Sounds unreal?  Sorry for bragging, but this is my baby, so I will present it this way :) Joking, of course!

However, I'm still waiting for the feedback and comments on how to improve it. You can write them in comments or privately.

Please install it and try it while playing poker (I cannot do that as I do not play poker at all). Once you will click the Install button, please follow the Adobe Air installation process if you don't have one yet. 

Once you have installed it and launched, do not forget the little icon “Stay on top” which allows to keep this application on top of all windows. It is really good for those who do not have widescreen monitors or like playing at few tables simultaneously.

The Application looks exactly the same as it's web version and has exactly the same functionality. So good luck using this FREE tool (some of the downloadable desktop odds calculators are the paid ones). So far it has only Texas Holdem, but we will improve it to Omaha and other games in the future.

There are also a couple of other gadgets from PokerNews to be added to iGoogle - poker news gadget and Poker Term of the Day gadget.