Live Reporting of WSOP 2009 - 7 spots to get live updates

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Live reporting of the WSOP 2009 is different from the previous ones. Web 2.0 is taking over the traditional video broadcast or chip count updates in the format of forum topics or blog posts. Now the new type of live reporting emerged – Twitter updates.

As mobile devices are not prohibited at the WSOP, lots of poker players can tweet under the table without any restrictions. Once one folds, there is enough time to write 140 characters and update the World with the table neighbor's and one’s hands and chip counts. Even more - pictures of people can be easily sent to the short URL services, so everyone can be sure that the person is really in the tournament room.

Most prominent poker pros are doing that and it is really exciting to read what Annie Duke (@RealAnnieDuke) says or how David Williams (@dwpoker) feels about his recent hand. 

I have been collecting the poker pros in Twitter list since February, so now everyone can follow all of them and see what they say, when they play at the tournament. In case you do not have a twitter account and do not intend to have one, there are a couple of other places where you can see what's happening at the WSOP.

3rd year in a row is the official WSOP chip count provider, so you can sit down and check live reporting updates there. They provide lots of information, but it is not from the players themselves. Pokernews live reporting is done by the professional bloggers who are updating what they see at the tables. They are making notes and posting them every 2-10 minutes together with the exact hands and approximate chip counts. The blog is supported by the professional photos and video interviews shot during the breaks. Watching them is quite fun, so if you want to know everything about the World Series of Poker events, Pokernews Live Reporting is OK. The disadvantage of this reporting is that there are no live updates from the players themselves (by the way, all reporting updates go to @pokernews_live – special tournament reporting Twitter account of PokerNews). 

This disadvantage does not bother if you observe live reporting trough This website has collected the tweets about WSOP, Live Players, Online Players and others just to provide different tweets about the particular topic (hashtag) related to poker and poker tournaments. If you are going to the WSOP with your iPhone and intend to make some live updates, make sure you are added among them filling a simple suggested Twitterer form. If your pro friend has not been listed yet, please help him to appear there as well. The crowd of update-hungry people will be gratefull for such incentive.

If you are interested in observing the pros all the time, not only during the WSOP, you can watch them at – the website where pros' tweets are collected. The sites is not a new one, but it is quite useful for people who admire observing poker celebrity life. It contains the tweets only of the poker pros. 

The third option of the same kind is a unique poker and Twitter update site providing the tweets from the pros, but still allowing to write your own ones (255 characters - longer than Twitter's). They have now improved their functionality and Twitter updates go as FTSweat updates automatically. Great tool!

Have you noticed the hashtag #nation? If so, you are aware that also runs the live reporting of the WSOP 2009 from the "inside" at their PokerRoad Nation section. In Australia Melbourne Cup stops the Nation. In USA - obviously not the Superbowl anymore, but the World Series of Poker :) . If you want to have a full view of what’s happening at the WSOP some other websites can provide additional information. PokerListings have the unofficial WSOP 2009 reporting section in a similar way as does. CardPlayer also provides the updates from the WSOP accessible from their Poker Tournaments Schedule. If you enjoy reading updates from the poker tournaments, you should bookmark all three of them.

7-8 windows (7 WSOP reporting websites plus your Twitter window) in your browser can definitely provide you most up-to-date information on what is happening at the World Series of Poker 2009. All seven are quality ones and more or less trustworthy, so everyone can get all the information about their beloved players. That’s the power of Web 2.0!