What can be interesting to poker players in Facebook

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Facebook unites a lot of poker players or at least people who are interested in poker. Lots of poker pros post their pictures and updates on Facebook. So what features can Facebook offer to people who are starting with Facebook or desire to spend more time there? The first place every poker player should visit at Facebook's poker room – Zynga's Texas Holdem Poker. It looks like a real poker room, only there are no real money games here. As most applications in Facebook it also has the results comparison with your friends, various challenges, sending gifts etc. The play is just for fun, so if you expect some real action, you can be dissapointed very quickly.

There are lots of other poker applications which are similar, but definitely not so popular. All of them are play money only. If one gets bored with Texas Holdem, there is always a chance to play Video Poker – the simple application with a simple way to waste one's time :) Another interesting application or a group of applications is poker quizzes and tests. They are quite short, of course, but solving them can still be interesting and contagious to your friends. What Type Of Poker Player Are You? – interesting short Quiz which shows your player character according to a few answers to the questions about poker play situations.

Advanced Poker Quiz - a more difficult quiz for more advanced players. More questions, some tricky situations show the level of your professionalism in poker. It seems strange that there is no wide choice of poker odds calculators in Facebook even though there are tons of sites offering both simple and complicated calculator software and services.
All In Poker Odds Calculator is not the best one, but it can still be used in the second window while playing poker in Facebook. There are a few poker applications that are not working. Some are created to promote particular poker rooms and websites, so are not worth much attention. As you can see there is not much interesting for poker players. So there's a lot to be done in the nearest future by the gaming companies.