Useful poker tools. Part I: News widgets

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Today everyone can have their own poker site easily and free. All you need to do is launch a blog in any of the free services and write write write everything you think will be readable by your friends. However, only writing is not enough. Every poker blogger should include some of most useful poker widgets to their blogs just to make the blog more interactive. Widget is a small application which shows the information from the third party websites. Information is broadcasted in XML format, but you do not need to know much HTML in order to embed it to your website. There are lots of Poker widgets for the websites (other kinds of widgets are downloadable and used for desktop). Usually widgets provide the news headlines. I will try to cover a few of them.

FullTilt Poker News Widget

Let's start from the News widgets. They usually provide the news from the trustworthy news websites. It is interesting that FullTilt, one of the biggest online poker rooms in the world, provides some widgets and one of them is Full Tilt Poker News. What you need to do is to choose the color of the widget and add the desired width and height (please note that there are minimum and maximum sizes). Then Generate the code, Copy it and add to your Blog's HTML code. You can also choose how much content must be provided in the widget - 10 latest news (activates the scroll bar) or the latest news story.
PokerNews News Widget

Another good Poker News widget tool is provided by It is more flexible than Full Tilt's as you may customize the colors not from the given list, but adopt it to the exact color of your website using an interactive color picker. You can also set the information in the widget - show image and date or not. You may choose the news category you want to display if you're interested in some particular topic (as you have noticed, I have added this widget to Poker 2.0 blog - Poker Business category).
Another interesting tool is setting the transparent bacground. Then the widget seems as if created for your page.
PokerListing Reporting Widget
A little complicated Live Reporting Widget as you need to add your domain and domain page plus email in order to generate the code. In General this widget is not very good as live reporting is not a very periodical piece of information, therefore it can remain unupdated for a couple of months if there are no live tournaments.

PokerPlayers Alliance Widget
Poker Players Alliance PPA - organization fighting for the right to play poker in America - also provides their own PPA News Widget broadcasting their news. This Widget can be taken directly from Widget directory PPA have also created different widgets broadcasting the legal news for each State (for example Massachusetts).
NeverWinPoker Widget
Uncensored poker community NeverWinPoker provides its own news widgets including "All NWP News" widget, Latest NWP Radio Shows, Poker Forum Filthiest Threads, and Recent Blogs of Poker Players. They are simple headline-type widgets providing the links to the stories.
Every RSS feed can be turned into a Widget easily using or, so even your blog can have its own widget to be added to your friends' blogs.