Poker Social Bookmark sites' overview

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One of the most popular forms of Web 2.0 is social bookmarking. The essence is quite simple – one can share his favorite link, write a short review and others can vote for it influencing popularity and comment. The result is a high traffic to that link for some period of time, lots of comments creating the discussion. You have probably participate in such social bookmarking activity using Delicious, StumbleUpon, Digg, Propeller, NewsVine, Reddit, Furl and many others. If you have posted a link to your Facebook profile, you are also familiar with the social bookmarking.
At the second post of this blog I have raised the problem of information quality and trust. Where do you look for the information you need? Search engines do not always give what you want. Social networks as well. In case of poker information (with lots of garbage in the field), one of the information sources can be poker targeted social bookmarking sites. Of course, you can look in the global ones, but you may get some results that are related to poker as a game (notice the movies – poker is mentioned in almost all of them) or lifestyle, but not always meaning resources and news.
Present technologies allow almost everyone to have their own blogs, make videos, picture galleries, Twitter chats as well as social bookmarking sites. Using open source and free Pligg system everyone can build their own Digg-like site easily. Does this mean that information on such a website is trustworthy? Unfortunately, no. Unless it is made by a serious company you know for other trustworthy services and products. Another way is that the activity and content is good enough and users can witness its high quality service and poker resource links. Anyway, there is always a risk to get into a spam site.
I would like to provide a little list of poker-dedicated social bookmarking sites with my personal comments. I am an active user of global social bookmarking sites, so I can see what is probably wrong with them (I can tell that StumbleUpon toolbar button is a very bad idea as people are directed to a random site which may not be interesting at all, therefore people dislike the page. Some more dislikes and the page is banned „by the community“ with no way to recall this decision back).

PokerBlips - One of the best social bookmarking sites for poker. It is made by – a company which specializes in collecting links of other markets, not only gambling. The design looks nice and easy to navigate. Information sources are mostly well known poker information sites such as Cardplayer, Pokernews, Pokernews Daily, RawVegas etc. Number of votes for the links tells that the site is visited quite poorly, so the administrators should work more on the traffic, because @pokerblips account in Twitter is just not enough. Another reason I like the site is that it gives some tools for bloggers that allow to put icons and badges to add the story to Poker Blips immediately. One more interesting feature is the internal subscription to some keyword based RSS (My Favorites), where you can add a keyword and the news containing this keyword will be updated automatically in a separate box. That's really useful when a site becomes huge or just a pile of information garbage.

RoundersBuzz - It seems that this is the most active poker social bookmarking site as a lot of people vote for the submitted articles and comment on them. Although the sources are not so famous and sometimes you can see the spam links they are still doing a good job. As PokerBlips they have their own widgets and buttons to help themselves in blogs, however I could not find their Twitter account. I would say that the site design is 50/50 as they are using Pligg's templates instead of their own.

PokerUpp - another average site with a simple design for poker link submission. Content is quite a quality one, but not so many votes, which makes me think of low traffic. They have a Twitter account @PokerUPP, however, that does not help. No support for bloggers. – a site with no design and a famous domain name misleading the visitors is condemned to failure. However, their content is a semi-quality one and some votes tell that there are some people there. Probably the accidental visitors, as there are not many signs of advertising possibilities of the site. Disaster. Not recommended! – another not recommended site with at least some design, but no visitors. Maybe if the builders of such website would invest 1 hour per day input, it might become a real "Gambling Social News & Bookmarking Network" as they consider themselves. I wouldn't post any of this blog's entries to it, so I cannot recommend it to others. - although they call themselves a "Quality Social Bookmark Network" it's only good as an encyclopedic example of a spam site. Not recommended. - even worse than PokerPligg as it is the same spam site with HTML bugs. Pictures are not working, no logo. This is a complete disaster and shame. Not Recommended.
Maybe you know some more? I would like to list them all including the spam sites. Please write me if you find some other ones.
If the social bookmark site is not visited a lot, it is just a matter of marketing resources and knowledge. It can be improved easily by simply devoting 1 hour per day for reading articles about web marketing and posting some links to interesting stories of the site. If it sucks, it is a matter of attitude to business and nothing can be done. Well, it can, actually – owner can close the site and try to forget he has ever created and launched it.