Poker application for Twitter

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Twitter now is the third biggest social network full of various applications and tools for social interaction. Some of these applications are very popular, for example Twitpic, Twitterfeed, Twtpoll. Some of them are used only for a specific market or a certain group of people.
Although poker players still do not have many useful applications the situation is constantly changing and we can already find Twitter style and functionality services for poker fans.

One of the first (if not the very first, as I have never seen other poker services for Twitter - correct me in the comments, if I am wrong) is Texas Holdem poker room FlockPoker (please pay attention to the name, which includes the allusion to the Flock of birds – Tweets).
I found FlockPoker accidentally. I think the creator started following @pokernews account. I do not know the creator(s), so my compliments or complaints are based on my personal opinion. I do not have or intend to have any affiliation with this website.
The application is an easy play money tournament creator where you may create your own SNG table (Tournament creator did not work for me, so I can comment only the SNG‘s tool), give the custom name, for example and choose the minimum and the maximum buy-in cap. You must then invite your friends to join your Sit‘n‘Go table via any channel you want as the URL is quite short. Friends can login to the table using their Twitter login and password, Facebook Connect or create a new local account manually (choosing an avatar).
The play is simple, graphics are also very simple. However, that is enough for a fun game with your friends. If the player gets bankrupt, there is a possibility to recharge the play money in My Player section.
There is one interesting feature in FlockPoker - you can see your stats: games played, hands played, Fold, Check Ratio percentage and when you folded - in pre-flop, after flop, turn or river. Simple rules page gives the basics of Texas Holdem and all poker hand rankings. Everything is very simple, with big buttons in so called "web 2.0" style. By the way, a very nice solution to identify the player at the table - with the logo of Twitter and Facebook, visualizing the data source of the player.
The only problem of this website and application is that it is absolutely EMPTY. Well, that can be fixed easily with some active marketing via Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. Anyway, the idea is very nice. Of course, it cannot be as good as Zynga's Texas Holdem poker application which goes to Facebook, MySpace and everywhere else including the recent one in iPhone.
FlockPoker application gets my sincere RECOMMENDATION. Very nice Twitter Poker application indeed! Please create a game, invite some friends and have lots of fun playing poker! Marketing guys can use this application as a qualification tool to some bigger real money promos as well.
I believe that this application will not be neglected as it usually happens in other poker-related social media, and will become a very good tool for entertainment in Twittersphere.