Recession in Poker. Is it real or hoax?

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The worldwide media buzzes about the economical recession, crisis in banking system and people’s lives caused by mortgages, job cuts etc. Let them buzzzz, as we are poker players and some of us don't care. Why? Why should we care about this recession paranoia when we constantly hear about the growth of Pokerstars, millions of US dollars won every weekend at the major poker rooms, new series of live and online tournaments launched this year etc.?

There are a lot of discussions at the poker forums like 2+2 , FullContactPoker or Australian based Pokernetwork, however, it is clear that people agree - poker cannot be effected by the crisis.

Gaming companies announce the loss – WPT's 4th Quarter was really bad; Trump Entertainment together with Station Casinos filed under Chapter 11 as seeking for bankruptcy protection. However, the others are booming and announcing the record-beating revenues.

There are lots of signs that the recession has an influence on poker players, however, in some cases it may seem the opposite. Logically there should be less people in live and online poker rooms, as the amount of spare money which can be used for playing is now used to pay the mortgages and the bills.

Are you confused? I am. Really! I don't understand how some industries cannot be touched by the crisis if it touches the everyday life of common people – the main clients of casinos and online poker rooms. Some people say that gambling and Hollywood markets can never be touched as movies are watched and poker is played no matter what the political or economical situation is.

Maybe you know why it is so? Please share your opinion in the comments.

I have also prepared a poll about this issue. You can express your opinion here as well.

Today I found a very clear explanation what the crisis is:

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.