Poker 2.0 - what is it?

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The internet trends of recent years are going WEB 2.0. What is WEB 2.0? You can read about it in Wikipedia or you may follow this article where I will try to explain it in my own words. WEB 2.0 is the part of internet content submitted by ordinary people rather than paid journalists, public relations agents, copywriters or scholars. People submit such information as comments, Tweets, pictures, videos, PowerPoint presentations, their own writings in PDF format, blogs, diaries, interesting links that they share etc. Web 2.0 is not only about creating information. It is also about delivering it to the reader's eyes. People may now access information not only from search engines, but also from RSS feeds, Email subscriptions, Twitter followers and friends who share their links on Delicious or Digg. People can receive information and spread it to others using badges (Twitter badge, Flickr recent photos badge etc.) and applications in various social networks. Facebook, mySpace, LinkedIn are the perfect places for sharing the information created in Blogger, Wordpress or found via Delicious, Mixx, Yahoo! Buzz, Digg etc.
This blog is named Poker 2.0. Why? I am going to write about social networks and poker, because people submit so much unique information about their passion - hand transcripts, screenshots of their winings at the online poker rooms, bad beats, photos from their home games, mobile photos and videos from poker tournaments (some of them can be illegal and shot from the sleeve). There are so many poker pros who share their experience in blogs or videoblogs. Some of them have even launched a webTV or a series of coaching videos. The internet is full of dramatic poker videos from live tournaments and funny collages of the most popular poker players. This variety of information is scattered around so I will try to collect the most interesting pieces.

I will write the reviews of the poker websites, blogs, features, applications, social networks, tools, but will not touch poker promotions and bonus codes ;) That's not my area. Poker 2.0 Blog goal is to provide the beginning poker players and everyone interested in poker with the information on how internet can help them learn this wonderful game.

Suggestions? write them directly to the comments - no emails :) If they are secret, find me at one of the major social networks of your choice and write me a personal message.

If you have noticed a grammar or style mistake or a typo, please do not curse me too much as I am not a native English speaker.