Choose the value of poker information

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At the beginning you should decide what information about poker you want to get. Is it rules, strategy articles teaching you how to act in one game or another, stakes and situation? Maybe you are looking for poker "thriller" videos from live tournaments when people play with royal flushes and still build a breathtaking tension at the table. Maybe you're interested in strategy videos that in most cases are the paid ones and analyze online games? Maybe you just need some gossip about the stars playing poker or the poker pros? Want to check the bad beats, good hands and learn from the mistakes of the real online poker players? There is plenty of information which can be found in one place or scattered at some undiscovered locations.

The poker information industry must be analyzed and taken very seriously, because here the information garbage exceeds the real and valuable information. Lots of small websites are writing nuts just because they need a page on some keyword for Google. They sometimes provide serious pieces, which are still hard to find among the junk texts.

If you are an active user of various social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Bebo etc., you probably face a lot of poker related groups that provide only the description of the website, link to it and short messages with “special links” to “special promos”. Unfortunately such groups are usually just a piece of junk with no serious information. You cannot trust them if you are interested in getting a good bonus, special “big value” freeroll or a rakeback deal. What you can get out of these groups is collect some useful information they provide on their websites (not in the groups as all the original content is published somewhere else).

Social bookmarking sites are also a complicated issue as you have be the one who decides which article is a garbage one. However, you can definitely find some good content there because of the voting and rating features. I mean social networking sites such as, Digg, Reddit, Newsvine, StumbleUpon (I personally recommend it), Mixx, Yahoo! Buzz etc. They usually contain lots of interesting and, what's importaint, new material. However, this information may not always be trusted as well, because of the spam. If you see the news source that looks something like please be aware that its content might be generated automatically, not speaking about the quality writing.

Present trends of blogging encourage me to give some advices on how not to get lost in poker information jungle. Well, there are a few basic ways:
    • Select a trustworthy source of information – there are lots of great informative sites that provide quality content – PokerNews, CardPlayer, PokerListings, CardsChat, PokerPages etc. There are some huge forums where the latest poker events and promotions are discussed – 2+2, fullcontactpoker, Cardschat etc. There are some poker pros who write their blogs about themselves and their business. They can be trusted as no one needs a bad reputation.
    • Use news services to get the latest news about poker by using keywords. Check Google News, Yahoo News, and other services that collect the news from various trusted sources.
    • Be on Twitter. Try following people with common interest – poker. They can tell you what’s up in poker, answer your questions immediately, suggest some good quality information and advice. People related to poker can be found using Tweetscan, or a regular Twitter search. Just enter the keyword „poker“ to the search people field.
    • Subscribe to RSS feeds. If you have a Gmail account, using Yahoo or any other bigger email provider you should be able to set the free RSS readers. If you don't know how, please consult your friends as it may really save you lots of time. Subscribe to the RSS of the major poker news sites, some pro blogs or most famous poker bloggers like WickedChops, Tao of Poker, PokerStars Blog etc.
    • Ask for help. Do not be afraid to show your peeps and friends that you do not know something. If you want to know, but do not trust the quality of Google search just ask in your facebook status and people will respond. They will definitely help you find some information about your topic. You can ask using Twitter, or any other social network by entering your question into your status field. You may also use the disscussion boards, join some open groups and ask there or even go to the live support service of some trustworthy poker-related website and ask your question there.

I hope these 5 ways will help you not to get lost in the information jungle and not to get stuck at the spammy websites with a very questionable quality of content.