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Just got the idea to collect all the poker pros in Twitter. Twitter does not have the requirement and the manner to collect real information about the person, sometimes it can be hard to distinguish the real poker pro from the fan who loves him/her so much that puts on their picture and tweets "on behalf". Some call such fans "squatters", but I would rather consider them as too zealous fans :) I would need some help from the readers, so if you know some poker pros which are not on the list, please let me know either in comments or privately.

Here is the tweeting poker pros list (alphabetical):

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@GambleAB - Aaron Bartley

@NDGrinder - Aaron Steury

@Roothluse - Adam Levy

@adamschoenfeld - Adam Schoenfeld

@adamkshulman - Adam Shulman

@Atodd79 - Alex Todd

@alexpokerguy - Alex Outhred

@Ali_Nejad - Ali Nejad

@Fowlervshoff - Allen Cunningham

@allenkessler - Allen Kessler

@amak316 - Amit Makhija

@AndreasHoivold - Andreas Høivold - Norwegian poker pro.

@andyhsong - Andrew Song

@andy_bloch - Andy Bloch

@BadgerPro - Andy Schultz

@annawroblewski - Anna Wroblewski

@Annette_15 - Annette Obrestad (the proof that she is real is in her blog)

@RealAnnieDuke - Annie Duke

@AnnieLePage - Annie LePage

@magicalantonio - Antonio Esfandiari


@barrygreenstein - Barry Greenstein

@barry_shulman - Barry Shulman

@elkypoker - Bertrand 'Elky' Grospellier

@bethshak - Beth Shak

@YukonBrad - Brad Booth

@brandoncantu - Brandon Cantu

@badams78 - Brandon Adams

@Bhanks11 - Brent Hanks

@gank - Brett Jungblut

@Schneids13 - Brian Schneider

@devopoker - Bryan Devonshire

@bryanmicon - Bryan Micon (@bmicon is a fake account)



@ckingusc - Carter King

@SLOPPYKLOD - Chris Klodnicki

@CMONEYMAKER - Chris Moneymaker

@Moorman1 - Chris Moorman

@realcharder30 - Christian Harder

@lindleyloo - Christina Lindley

@JohnnyBaxPoker - Cliff Josephy

@cgowen - Clonie Gowen

@Mr_Soprano - Cody Pryor

@2009LAPCChamp - Cornel Andrew Cimpan

@CourtHarrington - Court Harrington

@CyndyViolette - Cyndy Violette


@dmmikkel - Dag Martin Mikkelsen

@dalaei - Daniel Alaei

@RealKidPoker - Daniel Negreanu (@danielnp is fake account, beware!)

@Hollywood_Dave - Dave Stann

@daveulliott - Dave "Devilfish" Ulliott

@dmbakes - David Baker

@DavidSaab - David Saab

@DavidSklansky - David Sklansky

@dwpoker - David Williams III

@Dennis_Phillips - Dennis Phillips

@devinporter - Devin Porter

@TexDolly - Doyle Brunson

@DutchBoyd - Dutch Boyd

@DwytePilgrim - Dwyte Pilgrim


@basebaldy - Eric Baldwin

@efropoker - Eric Froehlich

@sheetspwns - Eric Haber

@EWeE420 - Eric Mizrachi

@Rizen1020 - Eric "Rizen" Lynch

@Stiglets - Eric Stiglets

@thehitwoman - Erica Schoenberg 

@Erick_Lindgren - Erick Lindgren

@Erik_Seidel - Erik Seidel 

@eskimoclark - Eskimo Clark (confirmed: not real)

@evybabee - Evelyn Ng


@fabsoul - Fabrice Soulier (French pro)

@frankfrisina - Frank Frisina (poker writer and pro)

@Freddy_Deeb - Freddy Deeb


@itsgarywise - Gary Wise

@gavin123456 - Gavin Griffin

@GrantHinkle - Grant Hinkle

@gus_hansen - Gus Hansen (not sure if he is real)


@ShadowBJ21 - Harald Gaerttner

@HowardHLederer - Howard Lederer


@IsabelleNoMercy - Isabelle Mercier


@Atkinator - James Atkin

@TheCronic420 - Jamie Rosen

@50outs - Jan von Halle

@JPOSU - Jason Potter

@BrokeLivingJRB - Jean-Robert Bellande

@JeffMadsenobv - Jeff Madsen

@yellowsub86 - Jeff Williams

@JeffreyPollack - Jeffrey Pollack - not a poker pro, but a WSOP commissioner - sort of a poker celebrity anyway.

@REALJenHarman - Jennifer Harman

@Jennicide - Jennifer "jennicide" Leigh

@Theshadow88 - Jerry Yang (thanks to @FollowPoker who also collects the pros)

@jvfricke - Jimmy Fricke

@joesebok - Joe Sebok

@Kunkuwap - John Tabatabai

@JJXavier3 - Josh Olechnowski

@skalie - Jon Kalmar

@jonathanlittlee - Jonathan Little

@JJCOMMERCE - Jose Tavares

@JRMayhew - JR Mayhew

@JustinBonomo - Justin Bonomo

@JustinFiltz - Justin Filtz 

@BoostedJ - Justin Smith

@theycallmetrues - Justin Truesdell


@KarinaJett - Karina Jett

@pokerkat - Kathy Liebert

@katjathater - Katja Thater

@KeithABrookes - Keith Brookes

@kellyarmentrout - Kelly Armentrout

@KK_Poker - Kelly Kim

@Kenna_James - Kenna James

@Kenny_Tran - Kenny Tran

@BeL0WaB0Ve - Kevin Saul

@KlausHausmann - Klaus Hausmann

@kristygazes - Kristy Gazes


@LaceyJones - Lacey Jones

@back2backflack - Layne Flack 

@leechilds - Lee Childs

@RaSZi- Lex 'RaSZi' Veldhuis

@liv_boeree - Liv Boeree (it seems that @livboeree is not a real Liv's account - squatter!)

@LizLieu - Liz Lieu


@Michaelgracz - Maciek Gracz

@MarcelLuske - Marcel Luske 

@marcopoker - Marco Traniello

@MariaHo - Maria Ho

@MariaMaceiras - Maria Maceiras (Spanish poker pro)

@Maridu - Maria Mayrinck

@MarieLizette - Marie Lizette Acoba

@MarkHope - Mark Hope

@markseif - Mark Seif

@mattbrady_ - Matt Brady

@MWWDEAN - Matt Dean

@Matt238poker - Matt Vance

@hoss_tbf - Matthew Hawrilenko

@MattGlantz - Matthew Glantz

@MattVengrin - Matthew Vengrin

@MCraigFTP - Michael Craig (poker writer, blogger and player)

@mman_status - Michael Meredith

@Michnak - Michael Michnik

@TheGrinder44 - Michael Mizrachi

@mprepelica - Michael Prepelica

@michelelewis - Michele Lewis

@michelle_lau - Michelle Lau

@Naked_Cowboy - Mike Hefer

@GoLeafsGoEh - Mike Leah

@TheMouthMatusow - Mike Matusow

@MikeMcDonald89 - Mike McDonald

@Mitchell1969 - Mitchell Cogert (poker author rather than poker pro)

@MorganMachina - Morgan Machina


@Nam_Le - Nam Le

@_serb_ - Nenad Medic

@FU_15 - Nick Maimone

@NicolasFradet - Nicolas Fradet (Canadian Poker Pro)

@noahboeken - Noah Boeken



@Pamela_Brunson - Pamela Brunson

@Patrik_Antonius - Patrik Antonius

@txpoker - Paul Brevard

@Kwickfish - Paul Wasicka

@PeterEastgate - Peter Eastgate

@PeterJepsen - Peter Jepsen

@phil_hellmuth - Phil Hellmuth (he also has a very active "fan" - @imphilhellmuth)

@philivey - Phil Ivey (@phil_ivey is not a real one)



@RafeFurst - Rafe Furst

@RaviRaghavan - Ravi Raghavan

@happyfreaked - Remko Rinkema

@tighty - Richard Prew

@Gamblindude - Rick Fuller

@veeRob - Rob Perelman

@funluv - Robert Lawless

@RWILLIAMSONIII - Robert Williamson III

@BigRussPoker - Russ Hamilton

@gutshtallin - Ryan 'gutshtallin' Welch


@xmrstyle - Scott Bohlman

@sjnguyen - Scotty Nguyen

@ShannonElizab - Shannon Elizabeth

@shaundeeb - Shaun Deeb

@clayton27 - Clayton Newman

@Imper1um - Sorel Mizzi

@1texasgrind - Steve Justice

@steveodwyer - Steve O'Dwyer

@ssung41585 - Steve Sung

@svzff - Steven van Zadelhoff


@thomasbihl - Thomas 'Buzzer' Bihl

@TBerglund - Thomas Berglund

@TiffnyMichelle - Tiffany Michelle

@PokerTina - Tina Bergstrom

@ToddBrunson - Todd Brunson

@TomdurrrrDwan - Tom "durrrr" Dwan



@VanessaRousso - Vanessa Rousso

@VictoriaCoren - Victoria Coren

@vinnyvinh - Vinny Vinh

@vivekrajkumar - Vivek Rajkumar


@WILLFAILLA - Will Failla

@WhitPoker - Whitney Blanton




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