Your favorite poker blogs' headline widget

Let people know what poker blogs you read every day by creating your own widget. It also allows you to collect all of your own poker blog headlines if you use several blogging platforms. This is a simple trick for those who write a few poker blogs at a time and would like to add a simple widget to their sites with the latest headlines. The widget can be created by using Google Reader service.

Such a widget can be added to Blogspot or any other blogging service which allows custom HTML/script codes. Some of Wordpress-based blog services do not support it, so you may not be able to add the widget. The platform is one of them.

There are two kinds of widgets:

  1. Displaying all posts from all of the blogs that one has subscribed to in a set category (you can add even 1 blog subscription per category if you want). For example, I have subscribed to PokerStars Blog, Tao of Poker and all the blogs. I set a category (it is called a label or a folder in Google Reader) and called it “Best Poker Blogs”. The widget will display posts from these 3 blogs.
  2. Displaying only selected posts from subscribed blogs. The widget displays only the posts that one wants to share by marking them at the bottom of each post.

Poker Questions and Answers

When you do not know something about poker, you simply go to Google and try searching. Sometimes, the search results are disappointing, because they do not contain the information you were looking for. Fortunately, there is another way. Just post your poker query at one of the poker question and answer sites and wait a couple of days for it to be answered by the poker players. If the answer does not satisfy you, try doing the same at some other similar site.

Poker question and answer (Q&A) sites can be easily called a web 2.0 tool, as their content is submitted and generated by the users. However, there are some sites that make a selection of questions and hand them to poker professionals to answer. Sometimes these services are payed, so we will not go too deep into this area. Just mentioning one of the free question and answer sites – where questions should be submitted in a special “contact us” like form. The same situation is with, but they do not give the 24 hour guarantee for answering the submitted question.

Zynga's Texas Holdem vs. PlayFish Poker Rivals

Poker RivalsThe battle of the 2 largest social online gaming companies continues in poker. PlayFish had recently dropped a white napkin to Zynga with the new game called Poker Rivals. Zynga's Texas Holdem is undoubtedly the biggest online poker room in the World with millions of daily users. Their competitors (Playdom’s Poker Palace, Poker World, Pokerbuddies, PlanetPoker etc.) are tens of times smaller, but are still much bigger than the real money poker rooms. Real money poker has more than 100 brands in the market while play money social gaming poker rooms can be counted on the fingers of two arms. Social gaming companies know that and try to grab a piece of the market by selling their play chips (main source of income).

Zynga and PlayFish are the biggest players in the social online gaming market (let’s not forget Playdom with their no. 2 poker application PokerPalace) always competing and creating similar games. Here's an example:

  • Food management games – Zynga’s Café World vs. Playfish Restaurant City
  • Farm management games – Zynga’s FarmVille vs. Playfish Country Story

The most popular PlayFish game is Pet Society. Zynga still does not have anything like it. Zynga’s most popular game was Texas Holdem, but it had now dropped in popularity after the rise of FarmVille. Just a month ago Playfish still didn't have any similar poker game to compete with, but now they've launched Poker Rivals, and the situation has changed.

Top 5 Facebook poker rooms excluding Zyga's Texas Holdem

We all know that PokerStars and FullTilt are not the World’s largest online poker rooms. The biggest one is Zynga’s Texas Holdem available on Facebook. It does not have real money games, but it has lots of other interesting features – social interaction, competing against your friends, achievements and titles, referring system which works as a virus etc. Even though it does not have the biggest pots or a lot of poker pros playing there, it still brings 19 million people to its poker tables everyday. PokerStars holds the World record for the highest player traffic with 307 thousand players online.

10 best poker blogs: Poker Pros

Which poker pro is your favorite? Phil Ivey or Chris “Jesus” Ferguson? They are both TOP level pros and definitely have something to say about their travels, tournaments they play in, their videos and lots of other interesting stuff a poker pro does every day. And although they both have their official blogs, they do not blog regularly. Actually only a few of the top level poker players update their blogs often and write about the things that are interesting to their fans.

We have already presented the TOP 10 General Poker Blogs and Top 10 Poker brand blogs. Now it is time to check which poker pros write their own blogs and which ones are actually good at it.

Poker content and news aggregators

One of the latest web 2.0 trends is content aggregators. They select some particular online resources and expose their RSS information sorted by particular topics. In other words, you can see the best RSS feeds from trustworthy news sources and blogs about jobs, cars, fashion, music, even Lady Gaga and of course poker and gambling. The online resources are selected by editors, therefore no useless information gets through.

Content aggregators help high quality blogs and websites distribute their content (mainly news and blogs). Some of the aggregators are SEO friendly, so staying there longer can impact the search engine results as they usually have quite good Google positions. Traffic details may also indicate good quality, as feeds are usually displayed in the related information page (not like StumbleUpon with its accidental traffic).

10 Facebook pages every poker player should be a Fan of (Part 4)

Although it’s getting harder and harder to find quality Facebook poker fan pages, we have managed to collect 10 more. This gets us very close to reaching the goal of the Top 50 poker-related Facebook pages being collected in 2009. Some of the pages discussed in this part have only been created recently, but it seems that they have been managed by the professionals. Maybe the author of the Poker 2.0 blog should revive some of the dead Facebook poker pages by tracking their founders?

Let’s continue with another TOP10 of the follow-worthy pages:

10 best poker blogs: Poker Brands

There are thousands of poker blogs, but only tens of them are worth reading and subscribing to their RSS feeds because of information quality and frequency. We have presented best 10 general poker blogs already. Let us present another 10 poker blogs managed by the well known poker brands. Biggest online poker rooms have their own poker blogs which are used as news about their promotions and masterminded players. Sometimes they are even written by the team Pros, therefore interesting and worth attention. However readers should be aware, that the goal of such blogs is to promote the particular brand and surrounding services, including gaming.

As in the first part of this article series, we should warn about the grading. 1st or 10th position does not mean superiority of the blog. This is not evaluation, so places are given based on author’s decision (personal author’s position is that some blogs, which are not so well known, should not be placed in the bottom ).

Facebook pages every poker player should be Fan of (Part 3)

Which poker-related Facebook pages could be interesting to poker players and worth following? We described the first 10 and yet another 10 in the previous articles. Finding them was a rather easy task, but now comes a very difficult one, as there are simply not many left. The majority of poker fan pages are neglected or spammed by their members, so it is quite hard to separate the gold from the ashes.

However, let’s continue with another TOP10 of the follow worthy pages:

Best Poker Moments (website) is a very interesting and worth following Facebook page as it updates the followers with the best (according to the page) poker videos from various online sources. Some of them belong to the poker classics, some contain bloopers and other interesting and worth time-wasting poker pro videos. Poker 2.0 highly recommends following this Fan Page. Approximately 2,600 fans.

Facebook pages every poker player should be a Fan of (Part 2)

Last week we have started analyzing the best poker-related Facebook Fan Pages. It appears that there are more than 10 quality resources, therefore we bring you another list. Here are the 5 categories to which the Facebook poker fan pages are assigned:

  1.   General poker pages
  2.   Global poker brands
  3.   Local poker brands
  4.   Poker websites
  5.   Poker pro fan pages

Here is another list of TOP10 pages which are worth following:

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